Munster Theatre Company
2000-2001 Season

Produced and Directed by Larry A Brechner     Musical Direction by Dr Timothy Bartlett
Assistant Director Carol Lynn Brechner            Choreography by Julie Ason                       

May 3-6, 2001 730pm (2pm on May 6)
Advance Tickets :
$7 Adult 
$6 Student/Senior Citizen
$8 at door

HELLO, DOLLY! is the story of  Dolly Levi's (Katie Gluek) efforts to marry Horace Vandergelder (Andrew Schmuacher), the well-known half-a-millionaire, and send his money circulating among the people like rainwater the way her late husband, Ephraim Levi, taught her. 

Hello Dolly cast
           Katie Gluek as Dolly                 Kaitlin Kovach as Mrs Malloy    
Andrew Schmacher as Vandergelder   Brandon Sweeney as Cornelius 

Along the way she also succeeds in matching up the young and beautiful Widow Irene Molloy (Kaitlin Kovach) with Vandergelder's head clerk, Cornelius Hackl (Brandon Sweeney); Cornelius' assistant, Barnaby Tucker (Lenny Weiss), with Mrs. Irene Molloy's assistant, Minnie Fay (Nicole Pellegrino); and the struggling artist, Ambrose Kemper (Kyle Matchua), with Mr. Vandergelder's weeping niece, Ermengarde (Julia Bochnowski).   

Mrs. Levi tracks Vandergelder to his hay and feed store in Yonkers, then by train back to Mrs. Molloy's hat shop in New York, out into the streets of the city where they are all caught up in the great Fourteenth Street Association Parade, and finally to the most elegant and expensive restaurant in town, the Harmonia Gardens. There, Dolly is greeted by Head Waiter Rudolph (Roman Teller) the waiters, cooks, doormen and wine stewards in one of the most famous songs in the history of American musical comedy, Hello, Dolly!
What happens in the end? Dolly gets her man, of course. Even makes him glad she caught him. Dolly leaves the stage at the end of Act II with a wink to the audience as she takes a peep into Vandergelder's bulging cash register, and promises that his fortune will soon be put to good use. She quotes her late husband as she says, "Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow."

With a cast of eighty featuring Laura Dunn as Mrs Rose, Joey Manderino  as The Judge, Jodi Rosenthal as Ernestina, HELLO, DOLLY! is an ebullient and irresistible story of the joy of living, glittering with happy songs, shining with loving scenes, alive with the personality of one of the most fabulous characters on the musical stage...Dolly Gallagher Levi!
Classic musical numbers include Put On Your Sunday Clothes, Ribbons Down My Back, Before the Parade Passes By, Elegance, It Only Takes A Moment and So Long, Dearie.


The Life and Death 
of Almost Everybody 

by David Campton

Life & Death cast
Matt Domasica              Natalie Vaughn
Renee Albrecht-Mallinger      Zoran Balac        

February 15-17, 2001 7pm
Tickets $5-all / $4-Student (purchased in advance)
A strikingly imaginative and evocative play, successfully produced in England, this witty and bitingly satirical escapade uses the simplest yet most creative theatrical means to deftly portray -- and parody -- the lunacy of human ways. "...conceptual originality and apt of the best works of this accomplished and versatile author." --The Stage (London).

THE STORY: As he tidies up an empty stage, the Sweeper (Matt Domasica) is tempted to experiment with the magic power of the theatre -- to create life through the exercise of imagination. After a few preliminary tries in summoning up a rabbit and an elephant, the Sweeper plunges ahead and creates a Young Man (Zoran Balac) and a Young Woman (Renee Albrecht-Mallinger). Then, as ever more characters 

are called for, events begin to go beyond his bewildered control. The most potent forces in human life and society -- love, hate, politics, religion -- emerge and dominate, and with them the bickering, dissension and decadence which they can engender. Eventually, as more and more creations are demanded of the Sweeper's imagination, a sort of universal Aunt Harriet (Natalie Vaughn), a  character whom he had not even thought of,  pops up to marshal the diverse forces into a hedonistic and fatefully doomed communal order. Rattled and fearful, the Sweeper struggles to regain control of his delinquent creations, banishing them back to the shadows as the Stage Manager arrives, the theatre returns to silence, and the world outside continues as it will. 

Directed by senior Ashley Kaufman with junior Christina Bernacchi serving as Assistant Director, Life & Death...  features a twenty member cast. The production is produced by Larry A Brechner, with Carol Lynn Brechner serving as Associate Producer.

Don't Miss this satirical comedy with an ensemble cast of 20 veteran and new Theatre Company members.


George Washington Slept Here

November 16-18 at 7pm
Advanced tickets $5-adult / $4-student

This Moss Hart/George S. Kaufman comedy George Washington Slept Here chronicles the trials and tribulations of city apartment dweller Newton Fuller (Brandon Sweeney), who craves and gets “a little place in the country to call his own”.  Without telling his family during a weekend country drive, Newton has been hypnotized into buying a windowless, waterless almost roofless house under the false assumption that George Washington slept in the house.  His wife Annabelle (Nicole Pellegrino) is much less enthusiastic about the move, but does her best to transform the house into a beautiful country home.  

George Washington cast
          Greg Schneider                   Brandon Sweeney
                     Nicole Pellegrino (seated)

Ensuing troubles include the on-going search for water, a long commute into the city, a quarrelsome neighbor, Mr. Prescott (Joey Mandrino), who owns the nearby brook and the only road leading to the house, and Madge (Stephanie Coulis), their 20-year old daughter, who is about to run-off with a married summer stock theater actor Clayton Evans (David Young).  Mr. Kimber (Greg Schneider) the local caretaker adds comic complications to the plot by bringing to the foreground the need for insect-spray, gravel, manure, and numerous other supplies.  Rena Leslie (Jodi Rosenthal) who is the actress wife of Clayton Evans brings her own special hatred to country living.

The plot is complicated by Madge having her boyfriend Steve (Kyle Matucha) and a bunch of her college friends out for a weekend, the visit of rich but cantankerous Uncle Stanley (Roman Teller), and the scheming pre-teen nephew of Annabelle, Raymond (David Johnson), who is staying with them. Newton has been spending so much on the house that he is financially overextended, and hopes to charm part of his inheritance from tight-fisted Uncle Stanley.  When Newton and Annabelle press Uncle Stanley for the money, they discover he is broke, and he has been playing the “rich uncle” role sponging off his various relatives by staying with them.    

With foreclosure at hand by the neighbor Mr Prescott (who also sits on the local bank board of directors), they discover Raymond incepted a map which shows that their original property line extends well into what was thought to be Prescott’s land. Despite this development and still short of money to pay-up the mortgage, they decide to “revert” the house back to its original condition.  Uncle Stanley slips out during the final moment when Prescott arrives on the scene. Then in his full “rich uncle” persona Uncle Stanley appears on the scene to rescue the day.  Prescott becomes more neighborly under the changing circumstances and will cover the debt at the bank and has his laborers set-up running water to the house.  All is well except the play ends with a coming rainstorm and new holes just cropped in the roof.

The production is Produced and Directed by Larry A Brechner, with Carol Lynn Brechner serving as Associate Director, and Kaitlin Kovach and Laura Dunn as Student Directors.  Also appearing in the production is Julia Bochnowski, Ashley Kaufman, Megan Higgins, Brad Clark, and Aubrey Burdeau.


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